BeWhere Post Doc

New graduated researchers participate in the IIASA Postdoctoral program and the development of the BeWhere model.

Sennai Mesfun will join the Ecosystem Services and Management (ESM) program at IIASA in October 2016 as a postdoctoral fellow. Sennai has previously spent three months at ESM as part of the young scientist summer program (YSSP) in 2015. He obtained his PhD in Energy Engineering from Luleå University of Technology, Sweden. At IIASA, his research interests focus in deep decarbonization of the energy sector by enabling large scale integration of biomass and intermittent renewables. He will use BeWhere to assess the impact of prolonged extreme weather events on the availability of resources such as biomass, insolation and wind, and on the risks it pose in future energy sector that feature large share of renewables.

Funding Source: Kempe Foundation, Sweden

Piera Patrizio, ESM

Dr. Piera Patrizio joins IIASA’s Ecosystems Services and Management (ESM) program. Her main research interests refer to the economic and environmental optimization of the bioenergy supply chain and the evaluation of the impact of policy instruments on the development of renewable energy technologies in real geographic regions. She is currently assessing the potential adoption of carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) solutions in the industrial sector by adopting spatially explicit optimization models. Piera Patrizio completed her PhD in 2016 at the Energetic Engineering department of the University of Udine, with a focus on the economic and environmental impact of introducing biogas as a vehicle fuel in the Italian market. In 2014 she has been visiting IIASA as a YSSP student under the supervision of Dr. Sylvain Leduc and Dr. Florian Kraxner.

Funding Source: IIASA

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Last edited: 16 September 2016


Sylvain Leduc

Senior Research Scholar Agriculture, Forestry, and Ecosystem Services Research Group - Biodiversity and Natural Resources Program

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