Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling

44th meeting
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
May 6-8, 2015

TFIAM 44th meeting
1. Welcome, Opening and Adoption of the agenda  
2. News on the ConventionRob Maas
3. Policy developments in the European UnionPeter Meulepas
I Recent policy analyses with GAINS
4. Recent scenario runs with the GAINS modelMarkus Amann
II Updates on European scientific research
5. Update on ozone impacts on vegetation: trends and interactions with nitrogenHarry Harmens
6. Tasks of the new Task Force on Techno-Economic IssuesTiziano Pignatelli
7. The use of ammonia as a transport fuelMark Barrett
8. The cost-effectiveness of Nitrogen Emission Control Areas in European seasPieter Hammingh
9a. Results of the Appraisal projectEnrico Pisoni
9b. Progress of the FAIRMODE projectJulio Lumbreras
10. Progress in global emission scenarios in co-operation with HTAPStefan Åström
11. Benefits analysis – major questions and recent advancesMike Holland
III Experiences in agricultural modelling
12. Modelling ammonia emissions from agriculture in GAINSMarkus Amann
13. Experiences in GermanyJohanna Appelhans
14. Experiences in IrelandAndrew Kelly
15. Experiences in DenmarkJesper Bak
16. Experiences in the NetherlandsRob Maas
17. Experiences in SwedenStefan Åström
18. Experiences in SwitzerlandGaston Theis
19. Experiences in the UKHelen ApSimon
IV National integrated assessment modelling
20. Progress in Integrated Assessment modelling in SpainJulio Lumbreras
21. Marginal damage estimates for IrelandAndrew Kelly
22. Finnish modelling for the NEC and MCP directiveMikko Savolahti
23a. Modelling NOx from transport in the UKHelen ApSimon
23b. Modelling low emission renewables based energy systemsMark Barrett
V Further Work
24. Status of the CLRTAP Assessment ReportRob Maas
25. TFIAM work plan 

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