Progress on Development - Wolfgang Lutz on Reality Check Radio

PODCAST - 09 April 2013 Wolfgang Lutz


Wolfgang Lutz spoke to Vienna radio station FM4: Reality Check radio show about progress on reaching the Millennium Development Goals.

Download Wolfgang Lutz and Developmnt on Radio FM4 [mp3, 2,669.3 kb]

On 9 April, Lutz participated in the Vienna launch of the  United Nations Human Development Report 2013. IIASA population and education projections underlie much of the report, which shows development gains in the Southern Hemisphere during the last several years.

In this interview with Radio FM4, Lutz describes recent progress towards the Millennium Development Goals.

Wolfgang Lutz, IIASA
About the speaker 

Wolfgang Lutz is leader of IIASA's World Population Program and Founding Director of the Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital, a collaboration between IIASA, the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the WU-Vienna University of Economics and Business.Since 2002 he is also director of the Vienna Institute of Demography (VID) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and since 2008 Full Professor of Applied Statistics (part time) at the WU. He is also Professorial Research Fellow at the Oxford Martin School for 21st Century Studies.

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