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PODCAST - 15 October 2019

Wolfgang Lutz on radio FM4

Podcast: Sustainable Development Goals: Why are we failing to meet them?

World Population Program Director Wolfgang Lutz gave an interview about the findings of the recently launched United Nations Global Sustainable Development Report to the Austrian radio station FM4 in the show Reality Check. Lutz points out three fields where we are moving in the wrong direction: Climate change, loss of biodiversity, and increasing inequality.

Download Lutz on Radio FM4 [mp3, 8,916.8 kb]


PODCAST - 30 October 2018

Wilfried Winiwarter

Cycle in crisis: How nitrogen pollutes soil and water (in German)

Nitrogen is a central component of life and accounts for 78% of the earth's atmosphere. Plants need it to grow, but in certain forms and in high dosages, nitrogen can be hazardous to the environment. More than 400 billion kilograms of nitrogen is produced every year. Half of it comes from natural sources, while the other half results from human activity.


Most of the nitrogen we release comes from artificial fertilizer, which is used to increase food production. Over-fertilization of the soil however, endangers biodiversity, leads to increased greenhouse gas emissions, and pollutes drinking water with nitrate. IIASA researcher Wilfried Winiwarter takes part in a discussion on ORF’s Ö1-Dimensionen Mittagsjournal about what needs to be done to make the cycle run more smoothly (in German).


PODCAST - 02 November 2018

Wilfried Winiwarter

Spreading liquid fertilizer correctly (in German)

Liquid manure spread on fields by farmers is more than just an odor nuisance; it is also a source of fine dust pollution in the air. IIASA researcher Wilfried Winiwarter spoke to ORF’s Ö1-Dimensionen Mittagsjournal to explain the problem (in German).


PODCAST - 30 October 2018

Piero Visconti

FM4 Reality check | WWF Report: "Exploding human consumption" causes massive wildlife loss

IIASA researcher Piero Visconti spoke to FM4 about the WWF’s Living Planet Report and its implications for humanity. 


PODCAST - 04 December 2016

Jens Borken-Kleefeld

BBC Crowd Science: How Bad is Flying for the Planet?

IIASA researcher Jens Borken-Kleefeld spoke to the BBC radio show Crowd Science about the impact that airplane travel has on climate change. Recent work by Borken-Kleefeld and colleagues has calculated the climate impact of trips, comparing different modes of travel. Read more>>

Download [mp3, 13,494.2 kb]


PODCAST - 28 April 2016

Living Planet: Clean energy's thirst

The transition from fossil fuels to renewables for energy production is accelerating. But recent research warns that efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions could put pressure on water resources, particularly in developing countries in Africa and Southeast Asia. In this radio story from Deutsche Welle, IIASA researchers Oliver Fricko and Keywan Riahi explain new research findings linking energy and water resources. Read more>>

Download [mp3, 18,524.5 kb]


PODCAST - 26 April 2016

Shonali Pachauri

Interview with Shonali Pachauri: Energy access in India

In India, indoor pollution kills 1 million people a year. In an interview with Chris Cummins, IIASA researcher Shonali Pachauri explains the problem, as well as the results of a new study which shows that reducing reliance on kerosene lighting is a stickier problem than previously thought, since the government continues to subsidize the dirty fuel, and many people use it even if they have access to other forms of energy. Read more>>

Download Shonali Pachauri on FM4 [mp3, 3,196.7 kb]


PODCAST - 09 February 2016

Bill Cosgrove

Interview with Bill Cosgrove: Future water scenarios

Getting clean water to all the people who need it on the planet is a major challenge and one that threatens to get worse as the global population increases. William Cosgrove, interim director of the IIASA Water Program, explains the challenges and the solutions, and the research being conducted at IIASA as part of the Water Futures and Solutions Initiative..

Download Bill Cosgrove on FM4 [mp3, 3,700.7 kb]


PODCAST - 02 November 2015

Rattan Lal

Interview with Rattan Lal: The power of soil

Rattan Lal, Distinguished Professor of Soil Sciences at the Ohio State University, USA, spoke to Radio FM4, Reality Check, about the key role of soil for ecosystems and the environment, while visiting IIASA for a public lecture



PODCAST - 01 September 2015

Mia Landauer

Podcast: The Vienna heat island

Deutsche Welle reporter Kerry Skyring interviewed IIASA Risk, Policy and Vulnerability Program researcher Mia Landauer about climate adaptation, in light of the extremely hot summer of 2015, which is exacerbated by heat islands in cities like Vienna. 

Read more about Mia Landauer's climate adaptation research on the IIASA research blog, Nexus

Download Mia Landauer on Deutsche Welle Radio [mp3, 11,344.3 kb]


PODCAST - 13 August 2015

Steffen Fritz

Podcast: Conserving Austria's wetlands

Austria's wetlands have not been mapped for 25 years, yet they are vital for climate change mitigation and flood protection. Deutsche Welle reporter Kerry Skyring interviewed IIASA researcher Steffen Fritz about the new FotoQuest Austria app, which allows citizen scientists to contribute to the effort. 

Read more about FotoQuest Austria.

Download Steffen Fritz on Deutsche Welle Radio [mp3, 4,014.0 kb]


PODCAST - 16 March 2015

Johan Rockström

Podcast (German): Johan Rockström on Ö1 Radio

Stockholm Resilience Centre Director Johan Rockström, one of the leaders of the new World in 2050 project which was launched at IIASA last week, spoke about sustainable development and planetary boundaries with Ö1 science journalist Marlene Nowotny (interview in German language).



PODCAST - 12 November 2014

David McCollum

Podcast: David McCollum on the US-China climate agreement

The leaders of China and the US have jointly announced new pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at a summit in Beijing. The US President Barack Obama described the move as "historic" - but how will these proposals be put into practice? IIASA's David McCollum speaks to Radio FM4 Reality Check Radio show.

Download David McCollum on Radio FM4 [mp3, 3,473.8 kb]


PODCAST - 24 October 2014

Volker Krey

Podcast: Volker Krey on the EU Climate Policy

IIASA researcher Volker Krey spoke to Vienna's Radio FM4 Reality Check show about the implications of the European Union's new climate policy for global climate goals. 

Download Volker Krey on Radio FM4 [mp3, 3,008.1 kb]


PODCAST - 08 October 2014

Linda See

Podcast: Linda See on Geo-Wiki

IIASA researcher Linda See speaks with Australian national radio show Future Tense about IIASA's Geo-Wiki Project, an effort to use crowdsourcing to improve global land-cover data. Listen to the full program on Future Tense Radio.

Download [mp3, 6,172.9 kb]


PODCAST - 07 October 2014

Elke Loichinger

Podcast: The benefits of an aging population

IIASA researcher Elke Loikinger spoke to Vienna's Radio FM4 Reality Check show about a new study showing the benefits of population aging. Read more about the study>>

Download Elke Loichinger on Radio FM4 [mp3, 2,449.3 kb]


PODCAST - 18 September 2014

Nebojsa Nakicenovic

Podcast: Austria Climate Report

A new report by IIASA has become the first to study in detail what climate change could mean for Austria. Project leader, IIASA Deputy Director General Nebojsa Nakicenovic, discusses the findings with Radio FM4's John Cummins. Read more>>

Download Nebojsa Nakicenovic on Radio FM4: Reality Check [mp3, 3,216.2 kb]


PODCAST - 02 June 2014

Volker Krey

Podcast: New rules on CO2 emissions

IIASA researcher Volker Krey spoke to Vienna radio station FM4's FM4: Reality Check news show about the new US plan  to reduce pollution from coal burning power plants by 30% by 2030. 

Download Volker Krey on Radio FM4 [mp3, 3,230.5 kb]


PODCAST - 31 March 2014

Jeffrey Sachs

Podcast: Jeffrey Sachs on sustainable development

IIASA Distinguished Visiting Fellow Jeffrey Sachs spoke to Vienna radio show FM4 Reality Check about the challenges and possibilities for ending extreme poverty. Read the Web story on the FM4 Web site.

Download Jeffrey Sachs on Radio FM4 [mp3, 15,027.8 kb]


PODCAST - 31 March 2014

Reinhard Mechler

Podcast: IPCC report on climate impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability

IIASA researcher Reinhard Mechler spoke to Vienna radio show FM4 about the new report from the Integovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)'s Working Group II, on climate impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability. 

Download Reinhard Mechler on Radio FM4 [mp3, 3,439.5 kb]


PODCAST - 03 March 2014

Stefan Hochrainer-Stigler

Podcast: Cost of flooding could double by 2050

IIASA researcher Stefan Hochrainer-Stigler spoke to Vienna radio show FM4: Reality Check about a new study showing that costs from floods in Europe are likely to drastically increase by 2050. 

Download Stefan Hochrainer-Stigler on Radio FM4 [mp3, 1,505.9 kb]


PODCAST - 06 December 2013

Steffen Fritz

Podcast: Cropland Capture Game

IIASA researcher Steffen Fritz and Tobias Sturn from the Vienna University of Technology spoke to Vienna radio show FM4: Reality Check about their new citizen science effort, Cropland Capture.  

Download Steffen Fritz and Tobias Sturn on Radio FM4 [mp3, 3,197.9 kb]


PODCAST - 10 October 2013

Zbigniew Klimont

Podcast: Black Carbon and the Arctic

 IIASA researcher Zbigniew Klimont spoke to Vienna radio show FM4: Reality Check about the new study. Read the Web story on the Reality Check Web site. 

Download Zbigniew Klimont on Radio FM4 [mp3, 2,278.2 kb]


PODCAST - 02 October 2013

Joeri Rogelj

Podcast: IPCC Report 2013

Joeri Rogelj, a researcher in IIASA's Energy program and at ETH Zurich, spoke to 

 Vienna's FM4: Reality Check radio show about the new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Rogelj is an author on the report which was released last Friday.

Download Joeri Rogelj on Radio FM4 [mp3, 3,017.9 kb]


PODCAST - 11 September 2013

Deutsche Welle

Podcast: Citizen Science

Kerry Skyring from Deutsche Welle's Spectrum radio show interviewed IIASA researcher Steffen Fritz and colleagues about a new study showing that citizen scientists can make a quality contribution to research.

Download [mp3, 8,768.9 kb]


PODCAST - 26 June 2013

Jens Borken-Kleefeld

Podcast: Cutting your climate impact from travel

Borken-Kleefeld spoke to Vienna radio station FM4: Reality Check radio show about a new study on the climate impact of travel, and why air travel is so bad for the climate.

Download Jens Borken-Kleefeld on Radio FM4 [mp3, 2,818.3 kb]


PODCAST - 25 June 2013

Shonali Pachauri

Podcast: Energy and Poverty

Pachauri spoke to Vienna radio station FM4: Reality Check radio show about the connections between energy access and poverty.

Download Shonali Pachauri on Radio FM4 [mp3, 2,979.5 kb]


PODCAST - 28 April 2013

Anne Goujon

Anne Goujon on RTS Radio Television Suisse

Anne Goujon in an interview to the RTS Radio Television Suisse on April 28th in the show “Hautes Fréquences” on projections of religion for Switzerland.

Download Hautes Frequences - Tous Minoritaire en 2030 [mp3, 53,137.9 kb]


PODCAST - 29 April 2013

Pauli Paasonen

Podcast: Plants and the climate

Paasonen spoke to Vienna radio station FM4: Reality Check radio show about new findings on climate feedbacks.

Download Pauli Paasonen on Radio FM4 [mp3, 2,970.1 kb]


PODCAST - 09 April 2013

Wolfgang Lutz

Progress on Development - Wolfgang Lutz on Reality Check Radio

Wolfgang Lutz spoke to Vienna radio station FM4: Reality Check radio show about progress on reaching the Millennium Development Goals.

Download Wolfgang Lutz and Developmnt on Radio FM4 [mp3, 2,669.3 kb]


PODCAST - 11 April 2013

Wolfgang Lutz

Women and Education - Wolfgang Lutz on Reality Check Radio

Lutz spoke to Vienna radio station FM4: Reality Check radio show about the importance of   women's education.

Download Wolfgang Lutz and Women's Education on Radio FM4 [mp3, 2,873.8 kb]


PODCAST - 18 February 2013

Wilfried Winiwarter

Our Nutrient World - Wilfried Winiwarter on Reality Check Radio

Winiwarter spoke to Vienna radio station FM4: Reality Check radio show about a new report for UNEP on the pollution called by fertilizers.

Download Wilfried Winiwarter on Radio FM4 [mp3, 3,152.6 kb]


PODCAST - 30 January 2013

David McCollum

Politics and climate: David McCollum on Reality Check Radio

IIASA Energy Program Research Scholar David McCollum spoke to the Reality Check program on Vienna's Radio FM4 about the crucial relationship between politics and action on climate change.

Download David McCollum on Radio FM4 [mp3, 3,266.5 kb]


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