Podcast: Cutting your climate impact from travel

PODCAST - 26 June 2013 Jens Borken-Kleefeld


Borken-Kleefeld spoke to Vienna radio station FM4: Reality Check radio show about a new study on the climate impact of travel, and why air travel is so bad for the climate.

Download Jens Borken-Kleefeld on Radio FM4 [mp3, 2,818.3 kb]

The new study, published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology by researchers at IIASA and Center for International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO) calculates the climate impact for passenger trips of 500-1000 km—typical distances for business or holiday trips. It shows that while air travel continues to have the biggest climate impact per distance travelled, the choices that people make about how they drive or take public transport make a big difference in how much they contribute to climate change. Read the press release.

Jens Borken-Kleefeld is a Research Scholar with IIASA’s program on Mitigation of Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases. He is an expert in environmental impact assessment applied particularly to the transport sector. He joined IIASA in July 2008, where he is modeling air pollution impacts, abatement costs and abatement potentials with the GAINS model.


Jens Borken-Kleefeld

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