Politics and climate: David McCollum on Reality Check Radio

PODCAST - 30 January 2013 David McCollum


IIASA Energy Program Research Scholar David McCollum spoke to the Reality Check program on Vienna's Radio FM4 about the crucial relationship between politics and action on climate change.

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A new study published in January by McCollum, Energy Program leader Keywan Riahi, and ETH Zurich researcher Joeri Rogelj, examined the probability of keeping average global temperatures from rising more than 2°C above preindustrial levels under varying levels of climate policy stringency, and thus mitigation costs. In addition, the study for the first time quantified and ranked the uncertainties associated with efforts to mitigate climate change, including questions about the climate itself, uncertainties related to future technologies and energy demand, and political uncertainties as to when action will be taken. More information.

David McCollum ©IIASA

David McCollum speaks at the IIASA Conference in 2012.

About the speaker

David McCollum is a Research Scholar with IIASA's Energy (ENE) Program, having joined the group in February 2011. He received his doctorate in transportation technology & policy from the University of California, Davis (USA), Institute of Transportation Studies in 2011, following the completion of an MSc in agricultural & resource economics from the same institution, and a BSc in chemical engineering from the University of Tennessee (USA). Dr. McCollum first visited IIASA during his PhD studies as a participant of the 2009 Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP).

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