Our Nutrient World - Wilfried Winiwarter on Reality Check Radio

PODCAST - 18 February 2013 Wilfried Winiwarter


Winiwarter spoke to Vienna radio station FM4: Reality Check radio show about a new report for UNEP on the pollution called by fertilizers.

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IIASA researchers Wilfried Winiwarter and Zbigniew Klimont contributed to a new report that highlights the problems of nitrogen and phosphorus pollution, and proposes global solutions to help balance food production with pollution from fertilizers. The report, Our Nutrient World, was commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and highlights how humans have massively altered the natural flows of nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients. While this has had huge benefits for world food and energy production, it has caused a web of water and air pollution that is damaging human health, causing toxic algal blooms, killing fish, threatening sensitive ecosystems and contributing to climate change. For more information, read the Press Release.

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Wilfried Winiwarter

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Wilfried Winiwarter is a senior research scholar in IIASA's Mitigation of Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases Program. He was recently appointed director of the European Center of the International Nitrogen Initiative (INI), an organization that aims to optimize the role of nitrogen in sustainable food production and minimize the element’s negative effects on people and the environment, and which co-organized the report. More 


Wilfried Winiwarter

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