Podcast: Linda See on Geo-Wiki

PODCAST - 08 October 2014 Linda See


IIASA researcher Linda See speaks with Australian national radio show Future Tense about IIASA's Geo-Wiki Project, an effort to use crowdsourcing to improve global land-cover data. Listen to the full program on Future Tense Radio.

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About the speaker

Linda See has a PhD in spatial applications of fuzzy logic from the School of Geography, University of Leeds, where she taught for 11 years as a Senior Lecturer in Computational Geography and GIS. Her MSc and BSc are in physical geography and environmental management from McMaster University and the University of Toronto, respectively. In between her MSc and PhD, she spent one year working at the Max Planck Institut fuer Aeronomie near Goettingen followed by four years at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Rome on agrometeorology and early warning for food security. More>>

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Linda See

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