17 March 2017

Innovative IIASA research highlighted by major journal

Five IIASA studies published in Environmental Research Letters  in 2016 were selected for the journal’s Highlights of 2016, as especially innovative or groundbreaking work.

© pinkomelet | Shutterstock

© pinkomelet | Shutterstock

Five IIASA research studies were selected as part of Environmental Research Letters Highlights of 2016Environmental Research Letters  is a major open access journal covering environmental science. The collection highlights the journal’s “most innovative groundbreaking articles published in 2016,” as selected by the journal’s editorial board.  Among the thirty articles selected by the journal, five articles with IIASA lead or coauthors made the cut.

The articles included research from across the institute's programs, bringing insight on energy, climate change, air pollution, negative emissions, food security and more. 

Highlighted articles

The Earth system response to negative emissions

During the last century or so, over half of the CO2 emissions from fossil fuel burning, industry, and deforestation have been absorbed by natural sinks such as the forests and oceans. These natural sinks play a critical role in determining the climate effects of CO2 emissions. More

Short-sighted climate policy jeopardizes other UN sustainable development goals

A new study finds that climate policies that fail to take into account interlinkages and trade-offs could hamper progress on other sustainable development goals. However, energy efficiency improvements can reap synergies between the goals. More

Clean energy could stress global water resources

Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the energy sector could lead to greater pressure on water resources, increasing water use and thermal water pollution. Dedicated adaptation measures will be needed in order to avoid potential trade-offs between the water and climate change impacts of the energy system. More

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