16 September 2013

Earth League
scientists issue stark statement on climate

Researchers say that we are on track to see climate warming of 4 degrees over pre-industrial times, if action is not taken soon.

earth league logo

earth league logo

IIASA Director and Chief Executive Officer Professor Dr. Pavel Kabat and IIASA Deputy Director Nebojsa Nakicenovic are founding members of the Earth League, which issued the statement this morning. The statement argues that the body of evidence that humans are causing climate change is overwhelming, and that if we continue on our current path, humanity is likely to see major impacts.

IIASA research has provided a number of potential solutions for addressing climate change, through both mitigation and adaptation. For example, a series of recent papers published in the journals Nature and Nature Climate Change provide scenarios showing the feasibility and cost of interventions that could limit climate change to 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels. Read more in Options Magazine: Two Degrees of Freedom.

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