27 July 2015 - 30 July 2015
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Asian Population Association Conference

IIASA scientists from the World Population Program will present latest research at this regional population meeting.

© Ravijohnsmith | Dreamstime.com - Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur

© Ravijohnsmith | Dreamstime.com - Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur

Since 2010 Asian Population Association (APA) organizes meetings for demographers and experts in the field of population and related issues to raise awareness of the diversity in the region among scholars from different Asian countries, and to facilitate the building of collaborations among these scholars. The third Asian Population Association (APA) International Conference will be held this year between 27-30 July in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The aim is to promote research, share knowledge, develop the capacity of population institutions in the region, and engage in advocacy and policy dialogue to advance the development agenda in the region. Researchers from the World Population Program will present current studies at this conference.

Nadia Steiber will present latest research results on measures based on cognitive abilities that she developed in collaboration with Sergei Scherbov and Valeria Bordone at this meeting. The title of the presentation is "Smarter Every Day: The Deceleration of Population Aging in Terms of Cognition".

Dr Steiber is research scholar at the World Population Program at IIASA, working with Sergei Scherbov and colleagues in the Reassessing Ageing from a Population Perspective (Re-Ageing) project. Among other things, the Reassessing Ageing from a Population Perspective (Re-Ageing) project team at IIASA ascertains the extent to which advanced societies are actually aging in multiple dimensions, including health, cognitive abilities, and longevity. Dr Steiber's research focus lies on cognitive aging, retirement behavior, life course, and women’s employment.

For more information to the conference, please visit the APA website.

Full list of IIASA contributions at the APA

Poster Sessions

P2-26: 28 July 2015, 12.00-12.30
Educational Attainment, Marital Status and Parity: A New Method for Reconstructing and Projecting Cohort Trends • Leontine Alkema, Khue Dung Dang Doan, Bilal Barakat

P2-69: 29 July 2015, 10.00-10.30
The Role of Husband, Mother-in-law and Social Networks on Fertility in Rural India • Praveen Kumar Pathak, Raya Muttarak, Valeria Bordone, Faujdar Ram
P3-18: 28 July 2015, 10.00-10.30
The (increasingly) Long Road to School in Rural China: Impacts of Education Network Consolidation on School Travel in Xinfeng County • Dan Zhao, Bilal Barakat

P8-02: 29 July 2015, 12.00-12.30
A Tale of Disaster Experience in Two Countries: Demographic Differentials in Disaster Preparedness in the Philippines and Thailand • Roman Hoffmann, Raya Muttarak, Simone Ghislandi

P8-43: 29 July 2015, 12.00-12.30
The Neglected Role of Education in Happiness Research Erich Striessnig

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Nadia Steiber

Guest Research Scholar Social Cohesion, Health, and Wellbeing Research Group - Population and Just Societies Program


Sergei Scherbov

Principal Research Scholar and Project Leader Social Cohesion, Health, and Wellbeing Research Group - Population and Just Societies Program

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