Making the change

Options Magazine, Summer 2016: This issue explores whether we have got what it takes to make the transition to a sustainable world.

 In this issue:  

  • Soil in the spotlight: Soil is under increasing pressure, but it may also hold the solutions to some of the planet's most pressing problems;
  • More than connecting the dots: New methods in network science bring fresh insight to complex systems;
  • Research for the future: IIASA announces a new research plan to guide the next 5 years of science.

Feature articles:
11 June 2016
Making the change: Have we got what it takes to achieve sustainability?

Options Magazine Summer 2016: Integration of all dimensions of sustainability— problems, drivers, and impacts—is needed, and IIASA is blazing the trail.  More

10 June 2016
Soil in the spotlight

Options Magazine Summer 2016:Soil on our planet—fundamental to agriculture, biodiversity, and water—is under increasing pressure from human influence. But it may also hold the solution to some of our most pressing problems.  More

09 June 2016
Divided we fall

Options Magazine Summer 2016: Reports on the ground speak of separate camps of scientists and policymakers as “tectonic plates—huge, rigid, and engaged in a never‑ending clash.” Yet science and policy must work together if we are to achieve a sustainable future for humanity. How can we get the very best from science‑policy collaborations?  More

08 June 2016
More than connecting the dots

Options Magazine Summer 2016: New methods in network science bring fresh insight to complex systems.  More

07 June 2016
Interview: Disposable lives, globalization, and the future of sustainability

Options Magazine Summer 2016:Shalini Randeria is rector of the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna and an IIASA distinguished visiting fellow.  More

06 June 2016
Opinion: Science diplomacy for the age of globalization

Options Magazine Summer 2016: Daryl Copeland is a former diplomat, senior fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, and policy fellow at the University of Montreal’s Centre for International Studies and Research.  More

05 June 2016
Can carbon markets work?

Options Magazine Summer 2016: Carbon markets have been floundering, IIASA research explores whether they can be saved.  More

04 June 2016
Forecasting landslides: Systems analysis gives the bigger picture

Options Magazine Summer 2016: Dalia Kirschbaum, YSSP'06 alumna, applies systems analysis and citizen science to the study of landslides at NASA  More

03 June 2016
Climate change policies could increase smog

Options Magazine Summer 2016: YSSP’15 participant and Peccei award winner Carlijn Hendriks explores the interlinkages between air pollution, bioenergy, and climate change  More

02 June 2016
Best foot forward

Options Magazine Summer 2016: Q&A with Daniela Weber, research scholar in the IIASA World Population Program. She works with the Reassessing Aging from a Population Perspective project on developing new measures of aging as alternatives to chronological age.  More

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