05 May 2021

Call for registering as project members and stakeholders now open!

Help us design a Europa Biodiversity Observation Network - EuropaBON!

© Rawpixelimages | Dreamstime.com

© Rawpixelimages | Dreamstime.com

EuropaBON hereby invite you to become a EuropaBON member, where you will also be able to indicate your interest to engage as a EuropaBON stakeholder.

Biodiversity observations are key to understanding trends and drivers of biodiversity change and the impacts on ecosystem services - and ultimately on people. Nevertheless, there continues to be limited availability of harmonized, long-term, spatially explicit and regularly updated biodiversity data on the EU-scale. Additionally, various biodiversity data streams are often fragmented and siloed, highlighting lack of visibility of available data at the EU-scale.

26 May 2021 - 28 May 2021
Join EuropaBON’s first stakeholder workshop!

The Europa Biodiversity Observation Network - EuropaBON is hosting its first stakeholder workshop aiming to develop a ... More

Why do we care?

Many EU policies and initiatives demand unbiased, integrated, and regularly updated biodiversity and ecosystem service data. However, efforts to monitor biodiversity are spatially and temporally fragmented, taxonomically biased, and lack integration in Europe. These challenges represent important barriers to effectively mitigating biodiversity loss, limiting the uptake by policies and sectors
that impact biodiversity.

How will EuropaBON help to address this issue?

EuropaBON (Europa Biodiversity Observation Network) aims to bridge numerous gaps in biodiversity monitoring by engaging stakeholders to: 

  • Identify user and policy needs for biodiversity monitoring;
  • Assess current monitoring efforts to identify gaps, data and workflow bottleneck;
  • Analyse cost-effectiveness of different monitoring schemes;
  • Co-design improved monitoring schemes that combine conventional and novel technologies to become more representative temporally, spatially and taxonomically;
  • and Investigate the feasibility of setting up a centre to coordinate biodiversity monitoring across Europe.

What could your role be?

The success of EuropaBON depends upon the active collaboration of its members together with the wider biodiversity community! We therefore invite all parties (individuals or organizations) with an interest in biodiversity to become a EuropaBON member by registering at europabon.org/register. As a EuropaBON member, you will also have the possibility to

  • Receive regular information on project progress, upcoming events and outcomes
  • Connect with other members across the EuropaBON network
  • Participate in open workshops; and
  • Engage more actively in the various project activities by registering as a EuropaBON stakeholder.

During the project, selected EuropaBON stakeholders will be invited to join thematic workshops based on their expertise. The aim of these workshops is to facilitate knowledge exchange to identify specific user and policy needs for biodiversity monitoring. These stakeholder groups will provide input on existing monitoring schemes and on the practical needs of the communities and user groups involve with biodiversity monitoring and the cost-effectiveness of a EuropaBON.

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