On 5-6 September 2019, IIASA held the first in a series of regional conferences. Systems Analysis and the Americas took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate and is facing significant challenges of rapid globalization, shifts in economic and political power, environmental change, and geopolitical conflicts, while undergoing a 4th Industrial Revolution involving emerging technological breakthroughs that have the potential to change how we work, live, and govern. In addition to these challenges, society is also experiencing a period of increasing inequality, global social injustice, and the questioning of scientific processes.

Systems analysis – an integrated approach that allows for research and investigation at the nexus of global challenges, enabling synergies and trade-offs among potential solutions – is an ideal research approach to better understand and provide policymakers and relevant stakeholders potential strategies to address these global challenges.

To foster dialogue between the research and policy community focused on addressing societal challenges, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) will co-host regional conferences across the globe. These conferences will explore the role of systems analysis in addressing regional and societal challenges and provide input into the strategic and research direction of the future of IIASA.

In the Americas, countries face regional challenges including the competition for natural resources, trans-boundary issues, increasing economic inequalities, and the need for effective sustainable policies. The Americas regional conference, co-hosted by IIASA, CAPES, the US National Academy of Sciences, and the Getulio Vargas Foundation identified challenges shared by countries in the region and explored how the multilateral application of systems analysis can be used to address those challenges.

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Last edited: 28 July 2021

Conference Program

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