2006 Postdoc fellows

Åke Brännström

Åke Brännström investigated evolution in ecological food webs and multi-species communities. More

Fredrik Dahl

Fredrik Dahl of the Forestry Program researched how large-scale habitat changes and climate change affect the fauna in the boreal forest. More

Erin Dunlop

Erin Dunlop researched eco-genetic models of fishing-induced evolution and aimed to bring an evolutionary perspective to modern fisheries science. More

Maria Hörnell-Willebrand

Anna Hörnell-Willebrand focused on wildlife GIS applications and habitat relationships of forest wildlife and harvest management. More

Joakim Lundgren

Joakim Lundgren created scenarios of the future energy demand in northern Sweden to investigate the potential for making the residential and transport sectors fossil-fuel-free. More

Suichi Matsumura

Shuichi Matsumura worked on spatial modeling of interactions between anglers and fish populations.  More

Rupert Mazzucco

Rupert Mazzucco worked on computational models of non-allopatric speciation. More

Jan-Jaap Poos

Jan-Jaap Poos studied the effects of harvesting on evolution in small food webs during six months at IIASA. More

Tapas Mishra

Tapas Mishra studied the consequences of stochastic demographic systems on economic growth and development by exploiting their non-stationary temporal and spatial features. More

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