2012 Postdoc fellows

Nuno Bento

Nuno Bento investigated growth dynamics in transport linked to increasing urbanization and environmental issues. More

Jason Blackstock

Jason J. Blackstock focused on evaluating the scientific, political and economic implications of climate engineering (geoengineering) concepts aimed at limiting the negative consequences of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions. More

Xiaojie Chen

Xiaojie Chen used evolutionary game theory and adaptive dynamics to assess evolutionary dynamics in biological and social systems, especially the emergence and stability of cooperation in social networks. More

Tobias Eriksson

Tobias Eriksson from Sweden worked on the development of carbon balance models for boreal peatlands. More

Nicklas Forsell

Nicklas Forsell researched the use of optimization models to analyze the links between forest, agricultural, and energy planning. More

Christina Kaiser

Christina Kaiser focused on a soil carbon and nitrogen cycling model that is based on competitive and synergistic interactions between soil microbes belonging to different microbial functional groups in a spatially structured system. More

Ola Lindroos

Ola Lilndroos's area of research is within forest operation efficiency. More

Wei Liu

Wei Liu carried out research into integrated adaptive management of complex socio-ecological systems, with a geographical focus on China. More

Eva-Maria Nordström

Eva-Maria Nordström worked on scenario analysis for the forest sector conducting global and local analysis, particularly in Scandinavia and Sweden. More

Narasimha Rao

Narasimha Rao researched the relationship between electricity access, income distribution, and greenhouse gas emissions in India, focusing on policy implementation and governance influences. More

Tatsuya Sasaki

Tatsuya Sasaki carried out research on the co-evolution of cooperation and volunteering in public goods games. More

Jose Siri

Jose Siri researched how urbanization patterns and urban structure affect the transmission of mosquito-borne disease, and how better understanding of the dispersal of humans, vectors, and infection in this context can lead to more effective and efficient public health policy. More

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