Nicklas Forsell

Nicklas Forsell researched the use of optimization models to analyze the links between forest, agricultural, and energy planning.

Nicklas Forsell studied the links between bioenergy, forestry, and agriculture.

Originally from Sweden, Forsell came to IIASA from MINES ParisTech in France.

Bioenergy provides an alternative and renewable source of energy, but since bioenergy and biofuels are produced on the same forests and cropland that are used for wood and food production, it’s important to weigh the costs and impacts. Forsell’s research examined how much bioenergy can be produced sustainably, while also preserving agriculture and forest resources. His work focused on environmental and economic consequences of policies, with the goal of providing useful information for policymakers.

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Funding: IIASA Postdoctoral Program

Nationality: Swedish

Program: Ecosystems Services and Management Program

Dates: September 2012 – January 2013

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Last edited: 25 January 2017


Aleksandra Cofala

Postdoc Coordinator & YSSP Administrative Assistant Post Doc - Capacity Development and Academic Training Unit

T +43(0) 2236 807 436

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