2016 Postdoc fellows

Artem Baklanov

Artem Baklanov applies control theory, game theory, and machine learning to informed environmental decision making. More

Peter Bednarik

Peter Bednarik has designed a computer game based on the forestry sector, and is using it to investigate the conditions under which a “tragedy of the commons” would be avoided. More

Edward Byers

Edward Byers investigates the impacts and risks of climate change on energy systems and infrastructure at a global scale to identify hotspots of risk. More

Fulvio Di Fulvio

Fulvio Di Fulvio focuses on mapping global forest resources and calculating the costs of supplying wood biomass for both material and energy uses. More

Adam French

Adam French examined the potential for watersheds in the water-stressed Global South to switch to Integrated Water Resource Management—an integrated, multi-sectoral form of water governance. More

Fei Guo

Fei Guo uses a bottom-up mathematical model to project energy consumption in residential buildings in China, and to simulate intervention effects of incentive policies. More

Daniel Jessie

Daniel Jessie is introducing a new mathematical approach to understanding the nature of dynamical network processes where standard mathematical tools can only provide analytical solutions in the simplest cases. More

Luzma Fabiola Nava Jiménez

Luzma Fabiola Nava Jiménez examined the water governance regime in river basins which cross the USA/Mexico border. More

Mia Landauer

Mia Landauer studies the implications of loss and damage from climate change, and participatory governance of infrastructure project deployment in the Arctic. More

Luciano Mendes

Luciano Mendes embarked on two projects linked to reducing agricultural pollution and optimizing resource use on farms. More

Sennai Mesfun

Sennai Mesfun studies the impact of prolonged adverse weather events in power systems with high share of renewable sources. More

Piera Patrizio

Piera Patrizio uses spatially explicit models to explore the economic feasibility of the industrial sector investing in carbon mitigation solutions. More

Henrik Sjödin

Henrik Sjödin uses mathematical models to show how migration between groups can transform simple, non-cooperative communities into highly cooperative ones. More

Matthias Wildemeersch

Matthias Wildemeersch studies the dynamic behavior of large-scale, complex networks by applying tools from probability theory, control, and network science. More

Sam Hyun Yoo

Sam Hyun Yoo demonstrated that delayed childbearing as well as a reduced number of births per woman is affecting fertility in the Republic of Korea. More

Shaohui Zhang

Shaohui Zhang examines energy efficiency improvements in Chinese industry at various scales, and the resultant emissions savings. More

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