2020 Postdoc Fellows

Eleanor Warren-Thomas

Eleanor Warren-Thomas is a NERC-IIASA Collaborative Research Fellow with the Ecosystem Services and Management program (ESM) at IIASA, and the School of Natural Sciences, Bangor University, UK. She is also a Visiting Scientist at the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (Bangor) and the Department of Biology, University of York. More

Christopher Smith

Chris Smith is a climate scientist who works at the interface of complex Earth System models and simpler climate models, linking information from simple climate models onto climate impacts for energy supply and energy demand. More

Laura Graham

Laura Graham is a computational landscape ecologist whose primary research aim is to understand how the spatial structure of landscapes can help us reduce trade-offs between competing needs of biodiversity conservation and human wellbeing. More

Yaoqi Li

Yaoqi Li works on the the covariance among functional traits, functional diversity of angiosperms and their links with ecosystem functioning. More

Ming Ren

Ming Ren evaluates energy-carbon-food-land nexus for China’s bioenergy exploitation under stringent climate policies using an integrated approach. More

Yanan Luo

Yanan Luo works on the role of environmental factors in the relationship between urbanization and mental health in the context of China. More

Younha Kim

Younha Kim research focuses on climate change and air pollution; specifically on the 'Assessment of air quality improvement policy'. More

Moonil Kim

Moonil Kim uses modeling and simulation to build the optimal forest management strategies with BECCS/U system considering Balancing Ecology and Economy in Forestry. More

Alessandra Rocha Kortz

Alessandra Kortz researches the role of non-native species leading to biodiversity change. More

Raquel Guimaraes

In her research at IIASA, Raquel Guimaraes aims to contribute to the extant literature and to policy-making in the field of Population and Environment. She analyzes gender differentials in flood-preparedness drawing on a case study from Brazil and Thailand. More

Paul Kishimoto

Paul Natsuo Kishimoto is a Postdoctoral Research Scholar in the Energy (ENE) and Transitions to New Technologies (TNT) programs, with a research focus on transportation demand growth in emerging economies; consequent energy demand and environmental impacts; and technology and policy for sustainable mobility. More

Florian Hofhansl

Florian Hofhansl is exploring the mechanisms controlling the functioning of tropical forest ecosystems. More

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