Franziska Gaupp

Franziska Gaupp uses IIASA crop and land-use models, as well as different statistical approaches to quantify the risks of simultaneous breadbasket failures.

The growing interconnectivity of the global food system, along with a changing climate, are increasing the fragility of the world’s food system. The impact of simultaneous shocks on production, trade or infrastructure such as climate extremes, pests or short term policy interventions, especially, increasingly gain the attention of researchers, policy makers and the insurance industry. 

In her research at IIASA, Gaupp quantifies simultaneous risks to global food security under different future climate and socio-economic scenarios using the IIASA GLOBIOM and EPIC models. She investigates the impacts of simultaneous shocks such as climate extremes, export-bans or diseases on the global food system, with a focus on economic and political factors such as crop prices and trade. To capture joint risks of extreme events, she uses statistical approaches such as the copula methodology. 

The results of her research will provide information about risks to global food security such as crop price risks and possibilities for inter-regional risk pooling useful for policy makers, international donor organizations or the private insurance industry.

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Funding: IIASA Postdoctoral Program 

Nationality: German

Program: Ecosystem Services and Management & Risk and Resilience Programs

Dates: July 2017 - present

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Last edited: 21 February 2018


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Postdoctoral research at IIASA

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