Alma Mendoza

Alma Mendoza’s research focuses on the effects of climate change on land use and land cover, and the possible impact that changes in these aspects could have on biodiversity in Mexico.

She applies different methods to project land use cover change and climate change threats, in order to identify the possible effects on ecosystem services and biodiversity. The results of her study will facilitate the creation of a framework for a proposal advocating the creation of new protected areas towards the achievement of the 11th Aichi biodiversity target in Mexico. 

Mendoza is a Mexican Biologist, who holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, UK. She has experience in working on the conservation of species in trade and ecosystem services quantification, with a special focus on carbon stocks in temperate forests in Mexico.

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Funding: Luis Donaldo Collosio Fellowship

Nationality: Mexican

Program: Ecosystems Services and Management Program

Dates: January 2017 – December 2018

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Last edited: 12 February 2018


Aleksandra Cofala

Postdoc Coordinator & YSSP Administrative Assistant Post Doc - Capacity Development and Academic Training Unit

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