Dor Fridman

Dor Fridman is an Israel-IIASA postdoctoral research scholar at the Water Security research group of the Biodiversity and Natural Resources program at IIASA.

Dr. Fridman completed a PhD in Geography at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Israel in 2020, exploring interregional sustainability of global food systems. He developed a global typology of agro-environmental systems to analyze the environmental sustainability of food supply and applied it to a global case study. He also explored the role international trade plays as a driver for environmental damage and an instrument for environmental protection.

Before his PhD, he obtained an MA in Geography and BA in Geography and Economics from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Israel.

His current research focuses on predicting plausible water scarcity futures for Israel and exploring how different technical and social solutions may impede it. Dr. Fridman will use IIASA's high spatial and temporal resolution Community Water Model (CWatM) to simulate the fundamental hydrological process in various Israel watersheds. He will incorporate future climatic and social trajectories into the model to predict Israel's Water Futures and Solutions (WFaS-Israel). 

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Funding: IIASA - Israel Postdoctoral Fellowship

Nationality: Israeli

Program: Biodiversity and Natural Resources Program (BNR)

Starting date: July 2021

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Last edited: 01 September 2021


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