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Z_GIS is an interdisciplinary Center of Competence for Geoinformatics, serving the University of Salzburg as well as partner institutions and the geospatial community worldwide. By integrating basic and applied research with graduate education and outreach activities, they are contributing to applying new technologies and developing methods for managing our societies, businesses and environments.

IIASA works with the University of Salzburg (Interdisciplinary Centre of Competence for Geoinformatics) in the following areas:

08 October 2019

Loss and Damage (L&D) has gained traction since it became apparent that climate change would lead to impacts that cannot, or will not, be tackled by mitigation or adaptation. While current research mainly focuses on L&D in the Global South, our objective is to provide policy-relevant scientific insights from the perspective of Austria, a Global North country. More

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Last edited: 10 October 2019

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