RESTORE+: Addressing Landscape Restoration on Degraded Land in Indonesia and Brazil

RESTORE+ aims to explore restoration and utilization options of tropical degraded and/or marginal land in order to ease pressure on deforestation as well as mitigating climate change. The project aspires to generate innovative methodology that combines multi-objective modelling (utilizing more than five in-house and newly developed models) with advanced big data and crowd-empowered remote sensing analyses.



Brazil and Indonesia face tremendous pressure to prioritize sustainable land use. In attempt to address this pressure, Indonesia is prioritizing agricultural expansion on degraded/marginal land. Such goal is ambitious as it has to tackle multiple objectives including food/energy security, sustainable exploration and minimizing land use conflicts. Meanwhile, Brazil has set deforestation reduction targets to 2020 and the new Forest Code includes forest restoration targets. Moreover, multinational companies with activities reaching over both countries have pledged zero deforestation supply chains. These targets are challenged with current situation in both countries. Indonesia lacks the necessary tools and high quality data to identify degraded and marginal lands based on agreed definitions. In Brazil, detailed assessment of the forest restoration needs on previously illegally deforested area in the Amazon has not yet been possible due to the lack of registration of rural properties.

27 June 2017
Safeguarding sustainability through forest certification mapping

How can we ensure forest protection and sustainable forest biomass production at the same time? A first-ever global map of certified forest areas, based on a participatory and collaborative mapping approach, contributes to the answer.  More

09 June 2017
Focus on zero-deforestation palm oil in Malaysia

Many companies pledged to source deforestation-free palm oil only. What does that mean on the ground? A new IIASA study in collaboration with Ferrero sheds light on land use in palm estates in Malaysia.  More

20 April 2017
Restoring tropical forests for a sustainable future

The new RESTORE+ project brings together ten international partners to develop policy-oriented solutions for tropical forest restoration in Indonesia, Brazil, and the Congo.  More


25 Sep 2019 - 27 Sep 2019

RESTORE+ Mid-term meeting

National stakeholders from Brazil, government representatives from Indonesia, as well as representatives of the broader international restoration community met in Brazil for the RESTORE+ Mid-term meeting. More

29 Apr 2019 - 30 Apr 2019

2019 RESTORE+ Consortium Meeting - Progress and next steps

Two years after hosting the kick-off workshop of the RESTORE+ project in April 2017 at IIASA, the RESTORE+ consortium members will come together a second time to discuss the project’s progress and relevant next steps. More

24 Apr 2019 - 26 Apr 2019

RESTORE+ at the 4th Open Science Meeting (GLP 4th OSM 2019)

Transforming Land Systems for People and Nature More


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Florian Kraxner

Research Group Leader and Principal Research Scholar Agriculture, Forestry, and Ecosystem Services Research Group - Biodiversity and Natural Resources Program

Ping Yowargana

Research Scholar Agriculture, Forestry, and Ecosystem Services Research Group - Biodiversity and Natural Resources Program


Supporting national climate policy in Brazil and beyond

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Find more information on the RESTORE+ Consultation Meeting in Indonesia in November 2017, the Launching the RESTORE+ Project in Jakarta in June 2017 and other events.

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