Systems analysis for sustainable development

Options Magazine, Winter 2015: Read how holistic research brings new insight to the interlinked challenges of development, human wellbeing and the environment.

 In this issue:  

  • The case for systems analysis: How integrated systems research can tackle complex problems;
  • Climate change: Delay mitigation and adaptation becomes inevitable and more challenging;
  • The renewable energy balancing act: Exploring the impacts and perceptions of renewable energy.

Feature articles:
30 October 2015
A new nexus for sustainable development

Options Magazine Winter 2015: IIASA is at the center of integrated research efforts supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, adopted in September 2015  More

29 October 2015
Climate change: Delaying mitigation makes adaptation inevitable and more challenging

Options Magazine Winter 2015: The Paris Climate Talks in December represent the last exit towards two degrees, says a senior IIASA scientist arguing for a meaningful global agreement that will both mitigate climate change and help curb adaptation costs.  More

28 October 2015
The case for systems analysis

Options Magazine Winter 2015: The integrated approach of systems analysis allows investigation at the nexus of global challenges, enabling synergies and trade-offs among potential solutions to be considered and implemented.  More

27 October 2015
The renewable energy balancing act

Options Magazine Winter 2015: Expanding renewable energy on a global scale also means tackling trade-offs and competition for land use, and dealing with widely varying public perceptions of the issue.  More

26 October 2015
Climate risk management

Options Magazine Winter 2015: Tacklingthe impacts of climate‑related disasters using a risk layering approach.  More

25 October 2015
Opinion: Focusing on excellence

Options Magazine Winter 2015: Professor Duncan Wingham is the Chief Executive of the National Environmental Research Council of the United Kingdom and Professor of Climate Physics at University College London. He will represent the UK NMO on the IIASA Council.  More

24 October 2015
Interview: Pessimism is not an option: The road to sustainable development

Options Magazine Winter 2015: Naoko Ishii is CEO and Chairperson of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), an independent organization that provides grants for projects working towards sustainability.  More

23 October 2015
A different view on points of view

Options Magazine Winter 2015: YSSP 2015 participant Benedict Singleton examines multiple perspectives in his research on whaling in the Faroe Islands.  More

22 October 2015
Can nature bounce back?

Options Magazine Winter 2015: An alumnus of one of the first IIASA YSSP cohorts makes the case for an optimistic view of environmental change.  More

21 October 2015
From insect swarms to banking crises—making connections across networks

Options Magazine Winter 2015:Q & A with IIASA Postdoctoral Research ScholarMatthias Wildemeersch working jointly in the Advanced Systems Analysis and Ecosystems Services and Management Programs at IIASA. His research focuses onnetwork dynamics and stability and can be applied across diverse disciplines.  More

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