Ayelet Davidovitch

Ayelet Davidovitch investigates the Israeli Energy Sector Trade-offs and Synergies by 2030. 

The electricity sector in Israel is characterized by a steady increase in demand influenced by climate change, population growth and economic development. Increasing use of energy involves investing financial resources and utilizing land resources that are of limited supply.

The research objective is focused on optimization of the Israeli energy sector by 2030, based on four main criteria: affordability, renewable energy, climate change mitigation, energy security.  The research analysis reveales a suite of trade-offs and synergies between the four main criteria.

The study of the complex relationship among energy supply and energy demand is based on an Israeli country-level version of the integrated assessment core model MESSAGEix. Developing of the MESSAGEix Israel model is implemented as a workflow of collecting data from multiple sources and automating much of the parametrization and calibration of the national energy model.

The vision of the Israeli energy ministry is to transition from oil and coal to non-polluting sources of energy by 2030. Therefore, the research analyses the optimal possibilities to achieve this vision using scenario-based analysis of energy transformation strategies towards renewable and gas-based electricity generation, increased efficiency in energy use, electrification of transport and improved energy security.

The expected results are energy system configurations for Israel based mostly on natural gas and renewable energy as the major supply sources. 

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Funding: IIASA-Israel Postdoctoral Program

Nationality: Israeli

Programs: Energy Program

Dates: November 2019 – October 2019

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Last edited: 14 January 2019


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