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Read more in-depth coverage of GEA findings and related research on global energy challenges and solutions.
Two degrees of freedom

July 2013: Options Magazine, Summer 2013.IIASA research examines what needs to be done to limit climate change.  More

Stanford: International scholars chart global energy transformation

In May, researchers gathered at Stanford University's Precourt Institute for Energy to discuss findings from the Global Energy Assessment.  More

The Global Energy Assessment: Implications for the UK and international policy

On 30 November, 2012, energy experts gathered in London to discuss how findings of the Global Energy Assessment (GEA) could be applied by national and international decision makers, with particular focus on the UK Energy Bill.  More

The urban energy challenge

Options Magazine, Summer 2012:  What can be done to make cities more sustainable in terms of energy? More

The Global Energy Assessment: Toward a Sustainable Energy Future

Options Magazine, Summer 2012:  A comprehensive, integrated analysis of how to transform energy systems to meet the world’s multiple energy challenges—namely, providing affordable, safe, secure, and environmentally sound energy for all More

Beating the poverty trap

Options Magazine, Winter 2011: People unable to escape from poverty without external help are caught in what’s commonly termed a “poverty trap.” Even people who are not extremely poor can be forced into a state of inescapable poverty by extreme events like floods or drought. Disaster microinsurance can offer resources for poor households to overcome the immediate impacts of natural disasters, but recent IIASA research shows that microinsurance, when integrated with additional adaptive measures, is much more effective than microinsurance alone in preventing people from falling into a poverty trap in the first place. More

Poverty alleviation is about people

Options Magazine, Winter 2011: New research aims to discover more about the people on the receiving end of our current aspirations to expand energy access. More

Feeding & fueling the 9 billion-sustainably

Options Magazine, Summer 2011: Food versus fuel isn’t the answer. Integrated land management and sustainable intensification are. More

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