Climate change - what next?

Options Magazine, Summer 2014: Read the latest research in climate change vulnerability, adaptation, and mitigation options, as well as new findings on elemental balance in the environment, citizen science and land cover, and IIASA’s unique advisory role for policymakers in Europe and beyond.

Options Magazine Cover Summer 2014

Options Magazine Cover Summer 2014

 In this issue:

  • IIASA research shows how to address and adapt to a new climate reality;
  • How we are drastically changing the natural element cycles in the environment – and the resulting elemental balancing act; 
  • Know your planet IIASA’s Geo-Wiki team shows how
    crowdsourcing and gaming could help global food security research;
  • How IIASA research underlies new European policies for reducing air pollution.


Feature articles:

09 July 2014
Climate change - what next?

Options Magazine, Summer 2014: How IIASA research and the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report are changing the narrative on climate change mitigation, impacts, and adaptation.  More

08 July 2014
A blueprint for clean air

Options Magazine, Summer 2014: IIASA research underlies new European policies for reducing air pollution and tackling climate change.  More

07 July 2014
An elemental balancing act

Options Magazine, Summer 2014: Carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus are building blocks of life on Earth. What happens as we drastically change their ratios in the environment?  More

06 July 2014
Know your planet

Options Magazine, Summer 2014: The Geo-Wiki project’s growing efforts in crowdsourcing land‑cover data could help end “satellite squabbles” in Kenya.  More

05 July 2014
Interview: The age of sustainable development

Options Magazine, Summer 2014: An interview with Professor Dr. Jeffrey D. Sachs, IIASA’s first Distinguished Visiting Fellow and Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University.  More

04 July 2014
Opinion: Systems analysis in Indonesia

Options Magazine, Summer 2014: The world’s largest archipelago and fourth most populous country, Indonesia became a member of IIASA in 2012. Professor Dr. Kuntoro Mangkusubroto explains here the benefits to Indonesia of applying advanced systems analysis, as practiced at IIASA, to help solve the country’s challenges.  More

03 July 2014
Economic cooperation “from Lisbon to Vladivostok”

The new IIASA flagship project for exploring economic cooperation between Europe and countries of the former USSR.  More

03 July 2014
Alpbach–Laxenburg Group

A new global think tank led by IIASA and the European Forum Alpbach argues that tackling inequality is key to sustainable development.  More

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