Nurturing cooperation, preservation, and prosperity in the Arctic

Options Magazine, Winter 2018/19: Balancing environmental protection, economic opportunity, and societal wellbeing in the far North.

This issue highlights research done under the IIASA Arctic Futures Initiative, where scientists have been collaborating on projects covering issues affecting the northern reaches of our planet. We also take a closer look at the institute’s extensive work around ensuring the sustainable management and protection of the world’s dwindling forests, and discuss a new people-centered approach to limiting global warming, that could potentially help the world stay below 1.5°C.

Our newly introduced IIASA Corner features recent events and other institute news, while our people pages introduce you to some of the people that contribute to the institute’s success. 

We hope you enjoy these and other articles in this varied edition of Options.

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Feature articles:
22 November 2018
Nurturing cooperation, preservation, and prosperity in the Arctic

Options Winter 2018/19: The vast 15 million square kilometer territory surrounding the North Pole commonly referred to as “the Arctic” may seem to be remote and intangible, but what happens there affects us all.  More

21 November 2018
Forests under threat

Options Winter 2018/19: The world’s forests are in serious trouble. IIASA researchers are exploring approaches for protecting the environment and ensuring the sustainable management of this important resource.  More

20 November 2018
25 years of Ukraine membership at IIASA

Options Winter 2018/19: The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine joined IIASA as a National Member Organization in 1994. We look back on 25 years of fruitful collaboration.  More

19 November 2018
A people-centered approach to limiting global warming

Options Winter 2018/19: IIASA’s Low Energy Demand scenario shows how to limit global warming to 1.5°C in a different way.  More

18 November 2018
Interview with Albert van Jaarsveld

Options Winter 2018/19: Meet Albert van Jaarsveld, the new IIASA Director General and CEO  More

17 November 2018
Ensuring a better future through global cooperation

Options Winter 2018/19: Q&A with Heinz Faßmann, Minister for Education, Science, and Research of the Republic of Austria.  More

16 November 2018
Overcoming challenges to sustainable renewable energy in South Africa

Options Winter 2018/19: A study by IIASA researcher and former Southern African Young Scientists Summer Program participant, Elvis Nkoana looked into factors preventing the successful implementation of sustainable renewable energy into South Africa’s national energy mix.  More

15 November 2018
Analyzing the impacts of climate change on US agriculture

Options Winter 2018/19: The results of a recent IIASA study highlighted the importance of accounting for global climate change when conducting regional assessments.  More

14 November 2018
Feminizing the workforce in aging East Asia

Options Winter 2018/19: Increasing the number of highly skilled women in the work force of East Asian countries could alleviate the expected negative economic consequences of population aging in these societies.  More

13 November 2018
Making food and energy production in China compatible under limited water supply

Options Winter 2018/19: Researchers from IIASA and China collaborated on a study to find the most cost efficient way of producing enough food and energy while taking limitations on the availability of land and water into account.  More

12 November 2018
Studying mortality to advance social development

Options Winter 2018/19: Nandita Saikia joined the World Population Program as an IIASA postdoc in August 2017. Her research interests include population health and mortality, and migration analysis.  More

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