Alumni Memories

A collection of memoirs, anecdotes, and stories while at IIASA.

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Ralph Keeney at Systems Analysis Conference 2015

IIASA’s Systems Analysis Conference 2015 was in honor of Howard Raiffa, with one session dedicated to Howard’s work and vision for the future of systems analysis. The following is based on an interview with Ralph, who together with Detlof, visited Howard to record Howard’s welcoming message on video.   More

Reminiscing about my IIASA Experiences

By Irving Lefkowitz. Remarks delivered at the IIASA Community Reception in Newport Beach, CA, on February 15, 2015 by Irving’s daughter, Deborah Lefkowitz. More

Nuclear reactors and
energy models

By Alan McDonald, IIASA Alumnus (1979-82 and 1997-2000) and member of the IIASA Alumni Advisory Board More

More Alumni memories from Ilse Holling, IIASA employee number 18

Ilse Holling - who still owns her old personnel ID card - came to IIASA in 1973 to work in the Secretariat/Conference Services. More

IIASA's Softball Team

Arthur Munkenbeck, who has been working for the IIASA Library since 1974, remembers IIASA's Softball Team, the “Screaming Eagles”, later to be renamed the “Famous Specific Grips” More

Softball Thoughts

by Tim Carter (written in November 1984) More

IIASA's First Year by Buzz Holling

Buzz Holling was a Research Scholar in the Ecology and Environment Project from 1973-1975, and IIASA Director from 1981-1984. More

The founding of the institute

IIASA's first director Howard Raiffa on the negotiations that led to IIASA's creation.  More

The Signing of IIASA's Charter

In celebration of IIASA's 40th Anniversary, Prof. Vasko recalls when IIASA's Charter was signed on 4 October 1972 at the Royal Society in London."It was a great honor to be there," says Dr. Tibor Vasko, the signatory for former Czechoslovakia, "after so many years of preparation." More

The East meets the West in an IIASA office

Bruce Beck's memories while he was in the Resources and Environment Project from 1977-1982 as printed in the Options Magazine, Summer 1992. More

IIASA Song Book

by Ralf Yorque, written in June 1978 More

Sonnets from Laxenburg

on the numbers from zero to ten; by Kenneth E. Boulding More

IIASA Cartoons from 1978

by Jim Thompson printed in the IIASA Conference Services Calendar More

Memoirs from 1973-1983

The following anecdotes were written by Ruth Steiner from her time at IIASA as Head of the Personnel Department from 1973–1983. More

More alumni stories on IIASA's Nexus Blog

How coordination can boost the resilience of complex supply chains

by Celian Colon, 2015 YSSP Mikhalevich award winner

Climate change, bioenergy, and ozone in the EU

by Carlijn Hendriks, 2015 YSSP Peccei award winner 

Interview: Can nature bounce back?

with Jesse Ausubel, 1979-1981 IIASA's Resource and Environment Program

Interview: Coal, natural gas, and clean air for China

with Jun Liu, 2014 YSSP

A new model for climate treaties

by William Nordhaus

Interview: From systems analysis to remote sensing

with Eric F. Wood, 1974-1976 IIASA's Water Program

Interview: Women, education, and leadership in Africa

with Lanoi Maloiy, 2013-14 South African YSSP

IIASA Employee Number 1

by Martha Wohlwendt, 1973-1984 Office of the Director


A continuing transformation

by Aviott John, 1975-2013 IIASA's Library 

Interview: The problems with phosphorus

with Marijn van der Velde, 2010-2012 IIASA's Ecosystems Services and Management, and Michael Obersteiner, Program Leader Ecosystems Services and Management

Interview: REDD+ in Cambodia

with Pheakkdey Nguon, 2012 YSSP & Annual Fund Recipient

The Southern African YSSP: My experience

by Valentina Prado, 2012-2013 SA-YSSP

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