Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

UN Agency whose aim is to end hunger.

IIASA has worked with the FAO in the following areas:

25 August 2016

The GROW Observatory – an EU-wide citizen science project for growers, gardeners, small-scale farmers, and space scientists More

18 June 2015
FAO: What climate change implies for global food security and trade

A new book including IIASA research takes stock of climate change impacts on food and agriculture at global and regional levels. More

26 November 2014
GAEZ v.4 and FAO-GAEZ Data Portal

The project will update the Harmonized World Soil Database (HWSD) V1.2 and transfer the Global Agro-ecological Zones (GAEZ) technology released by IIASA in 2010 to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations More

30 July 2012
Improving Crop Yields

Case Study from IIASA Annual Report 2011: With land resources – particularly land for agricultural production for food and bio-fuels – coming under increasing pressure, IIASA is working alongside policymakers to improve crop yields across the globe More

29 May 2012
Data portal aims to help unlock food production bottlenecks

FAO and IIASA launch online Global Agro-ecological Zones Interactive Data Portal More

29 May 2012
FAO and IIASA launch land planning web portal

A new online data portal developed by the FAO and IIASA aims to help unlock the planet’s potential to feed a rapidly growing population. More

26 April 2012
Doubling Food Provision

Major project in the Food and Water area, contributing to Poverty and Equity. Which factors are regionally the most critical/constraining for achieving reliable long-term food and water supply? More

14 March 2012
World Food System model (WFS)

The world food system model comprises a series of national and regional agricultural economic models. It provides a framework for analyzing the world food system, viewing national food and agricultural components as embedded in national economies, which in turn interact with each other at the international trade level. More

14 March 2012

The Global Agro-ecological Zones (GAEZ) system provides comprehensive information for rational land use planning and decision making for food security and agricultural development. More

14 March 2012
Harmonized World Soil Database

First released in July 2008, HWSD is a global database, framed within a Geographic Information System (GIS), that contains up-to-date information on world soil resources. More

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