International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)

The Institute works with partners to help poor people keep their farm animals alive and productive, increase and sustain their livestock and farm productivity and find profitable markets for their animal products.

IIASA has worked with ILRI as follows:

06 October 2014

This project is funded by the ERC Consolidator Grant. It assesses the potential of using crowdsourcing to close big data gaps of ground sourced data on land cover, land use and change. The project builds on the Geo-Wiki crowdsourcing tool and moves from an online environment to a mobile ground-based collection system. More

24 February 2014
Better livestock diets to combat climate change and improve food security

The projected transition of livestock systems from pure grazing diets to diets supplemented by higher quality feeds will cut greenhouse gas emissions from land use change globally by as much as 23% by 2030, while improving food availability and farmers’ income, shows new IIASA research. More

16 December 2013
Global study details the contribution of livestock to land use and greenhouse gas emissions

Minor improvements in feed quality in developing countries could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock products, according to a new study from researchers in Europe, Africa, and Australia. More

12 June 2012
Livestock Production Scenarios (AnimalChange)

AnimalChange creates scenarios that project 20 and 40 years into the future to allow policymakers to see what impact climate change is likely to have on livestock production in Europe, Northern and sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America. More

20 February 2012
Quantifying global land resources

IIASA is involved in international cooperative efforts to produce accurate land cover and soil maps of the world, which are critically important for environmental and agricultural monitoring and decision making. More

14 October 2011
Flexibility in livestock systems—More from less

Options Magazine, Summer 2011: High quality feed, improved breeding, and reduced disease significantly improve production. More

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