The following is a list of errata and corrections to the Global Energy Assessment report published in 2012.

Last updated: 23 April 2013

Chapter Item Correction 


 Page xiv

The text was formulated incorrectly.  The Ministerial declaration endorsed the solutions offered by GEA:

"Increase the share of renewables to 30% by 2030"

Figure 1.18Legend entries for SAS and PAS are swapped. The corrected figures can be found at:
Authorship Dr, Surya P. Sethi (National University of Singapore) should be listed as a contributing author to Chapter 6.
17 Pages 1216, 1226 and 1257On these pages cross-references to "Chapter 26"  are made.  This chapter was instead included into Chapters 22 and 25.  Readers should look into the relevant sections into these Chapters for further information.
 17Page 1274
Note that the sentence “This burden-sharing scheme is referred to in the literature as a “contraction and convergence” scheme (see, e.g., den Elzen and van Vuuren, 2007 ).” on page 1274 of Chapter 17 should read as follows: “This burden-sharing scheme has been introduced in the literature as “contraction and convergence” by the Global Commons Institute ( and was subsequently used in many scientific analysis (see, e.g., den Elzen and van Vuuren, 2007)”.

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