Complexity Science Hub Vienna

The objective of Complexity Science Hub Vienna is to host, educate, and inspire complex systems scientists who are dedicated to collect, handle, aggregate, and make sense of big data in ways that are directly valuable for science and society. IIASA is an official member organization.

21 October 2019
Célian Colon was invited to speak at the Complexity Science Hub

Célian Colon gave a talk on "Coupling transport and supply chains to analyze the impact of disasters – an application to the United Republic of Tanzania" at the Complexity Science Hub, Vienna, Austria on 17 October 2019. More

09 January 2018
Stefan Thurner was awarded Scientist of the Year 2017

The Club of Education and Science Journalists (Klub der Bildungs- und Wissenschaftsjournalisten Österreichs) distinguished IIASA Senior Research Scholar Stefan Thurner for his work on science outreach. More

20 June 2017
Sebastian Poledna gave a talk on Economic Forecasting with an Agent-Based Model

Sebastian Poledna presented IIASA research on application of a large-scale agent-based model to economic forecasting at the seminar organized by Complexity Hub Vienna. More

20 April 2017
Re-inventing Society in the Digital Age

The Complexity Science Hub Vienna will gather top researchers on the topic of “Re-inventing Society in the Digital Age”. Organized by Dirk Helbing, ETH Zurich and External Faculty of CSH, and Stefan Thurner, CSH President, the workshop participants will shed light on the impact of digital technology on the areas of our daily lives and attempt to sketch out the first outlines of a Society 4.0. More

20 May 2016
IIASA joins Complexity Science Hub Vienna

At the Visions for Complexity Conference, organized by the Complexity Science Hub Vienna (CSH), IIASA was officially announced as CSH’s newest member More

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