Global Carbon Project

The Global Carbon Project was formed to assist the international science community to establish a common, mutually agreed knowledge base supporting policy debate and action to slow the rate of increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

06 March 2017
Negative emissions, food security, and the SDGs

Land use related negative emission technologies (LUNETs) – their implications on food security and relevant SDGs - More

30 January 2017
New momentum in low-carbon energy

Low-carbon energy is gaining momentum worldwide and is globally reducing carbon dioxide pollution, but unless new technologies are deployed, this momentum could be threatened. More

18 October 2016
The Earth system response to negative emissions

During the last century or so, over half of the CO2 emissions from fossil fuel burning, industry, and deforestation have been absorbed by natural sinks such as the forests and oceans. These natural sinks play a critical role in determining the climate effects of CO2 emissions. More

30 June 2016
GCP-WUDAPT Workshop on Global Carbon Mapping

IIASA Researcher Linda See, partner within the WUDAPT initiative co-organizes a workshop to build a global urban knowledge network for informing global research on cities and urbanization. More

07 December 2015
Have global emissions peaked?

Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels are projected to stall in 2015, marking the first time that emissions have slowed without a concomitant economic decline. More

07 December 2015
Negative emissions no silver bullet for climate change mitigation

There are significant constraints to large-scale deployment of negative emissions technologies in the future to reach climate change targets, according to a new study including IIASA research. The study emphasizes that greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced aggressively and immediately. More

25 August 2015
Global Carbon Project: Workshop on negative emissions

IIASA researchers will participate in a workshop focused on the potential promise and problems of negative emissions as a method to mitigate climate change. More

12 December 2014
Toyota High-level Symposium on Sustainable Cities

IIASA researchers will take part in a Global Carbon Project (GCP) workshop at the Toyota High-level Symposium on Sustainable Cities, focusing on the challenges of urban and regional carbon management. More

25 June 2014
Global Carbon Project names IIASA co-chair

IIASA Deputy Director General Nebojsa Nakicenovic has been named co-chair of the Global Carbon Project, an international research project aimed at better understanding the carbon cycle. More

17 April 2013
Negative emissions and the carbon cycle

Can humanity switch from emitting massive amounts of climate-warming gases, to instead removing them from the atmosphere? International researchers discussed the potentials and challenges for negative emissions this week at a meeting co-organized by IIASA and the Global Carbon Project. More

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