Press Releases 2012

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2012 Press Releases

Nature Climate Change: Action by 2020 key for limiting climate change

Limiting climate change to target levels will become much more difficult to achieve, and more expensive, if action is not taken soon, according to a new analysis from IIASA, ETH Zurich, and NCAR. More

Evolution: Social exclusion leads to cooperation

Social exclusion as a punishment strategy helps explain the evolution of cooperation, according to new IIASA research. More

Integrating science and policy to address the impacts of air pollution

An article in this week’s Science magazine examines how science and policies address air pollution effects on human health, ecosystems, and climate change in Europe. More

Redefining age: IIASA population researcher wins ERC Advanced Grant

IIASA demographer Sergei Scherbov has won an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council to explore population aging and its impacts on Europe and beyond. More

Efforts to mitigate climate change must target energy efficiency: Nature Climate Change study

Much more must be done to develop energy efficient cars, buildings and domestic appliances to halt climate change, according to new research from IIASA,  the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of East Anglia. More

New findings on sustainable development, energy, climate, food and water at IIASA conference

This week, international scientists, policymakers, and business leaders will come together to discuss our global future. More

Australia joins IIASA

IIASA today announced that Australia will become its newest member country. More

Press Conference with IIASA Conference Speakers

On Wednesday, 24 October, media are invited to a press conference with speakers from the IIASA 40th Anniversary Conference.  More

IIASA and the UN: The water energy nexus

IIASA Director & CEO Prof. Pavel Kabat met on Monday, 15 October with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. More

Conference Media Advisory 4

Media registration for the IIASA Conference 2012 closes on Wednesday, 17 October. More

Water likely to limit future food production

Current water supplies are not enough to support increased food production for a larger future population, according to new research conducted in collaboration with IIASA by Wageningen University researcher Hester Biemans, who defends her PhD thesis this week. More

Media Advisory: How to cover the IIASA conference

The IIASA Conference, Worlds Within Reach – From Science to Policy, is coming up in less than a month. Don't miss it! More

Vienna Philharmonic becomes goodwill ambassador for IIASA

The Vienna Philharmonic and IIASA are delighted to announce that the Vienna Philharmonic has become the first Goodwill Ambassador for IIASA. More

Water as a global system: Kabat keynote at IWA

IIASA scientists are examining water problems from a new perspective – looking at a global resource from an interdisciplinary and international perspective. More

After 40 years, Russia remains leading partner in IIASA

IIASA Director and CEO Pavel Kabat visited Moscow from 9 to 15 September 2012, to meet with IIASA network members in the Russian Federation. More

Energy from the Sahara Desert? New study to explore the risks

In the future, Europe might get a large part of its energy from solar and wind farms in the Sahara. IIASA researcher Anthony Patt has received a major EU research grant to examine the risks and consequences of such a project.  More

Media Advisory: Registration for IIASA Conference: Worlds Within Reach - From Science to Policy

Conference to explore scientific solutions to climate change, energy, poverty, and environmental challenges. More

Worlds Within Reach: Conference registration now open

The IIASA Worlds Within Reach: From Science to Policy Conference will analyze sustainability and development challenges. More

New IIASA research at Asian Population Conference

IIASA population researchers are presenting new findings at the Asian Population Association Conference, which runs from 26 to 29 August in Bangkok, Thailand. More

Indonesia joins IIASA

Laxenburg, Austria, 26 June 2012 – The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) announces the Republic of Indonesia as its newest national member. More

Global Energy Assessment identifies pathways to a sustainable energy future

This new global energy study outlines a range of 41 alternative sustainable energy pathways that offer viable, cost effective choices for policy makers to achieve necessary human health and environmental sustainability goals by 2050. More

US and European energy supplies vulnerable to climate change – Nature Climate Change study

Laxenburg, Austria, Wageningen, The Netherlands 03 June 2012 – Higher water temperatures and reduced river flows in Europe and the United States in recent years have resulted in reduced production, or temporary shutdown, of several thermoelectric power plants, resulting in increased electricity prices and raising concerns about future energy security in a changing climate. More

Data portal aims to help unlock food production bottlenecks

FAO and IIASA launch online Global Agro-ecological Zones Interactive Data Portal More

Wolfgang Lutz elected to the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Laxenburg, Austria, 09 May 2012 – One of the world’s foremost population experts and Leader of the World Population Program at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Professor Wolfgang Lutz, has been elected as a full member to the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Humanities). Membership in the Academy is one of the highest honors for individual contributions to science awarded in Austria. More

World Water Think Tank meets in Austria

Laxenburg, Austria – 20 April: 2012 Ensuring there is a sufficient and reliable supply of water to meet the food, energy and social needs of future generations is the focus of a meeting being held in Laxenburg, Austria, this week (April 19-21). More

Picky females promote diversity – Nature study

Laxenburg, Austria, Vancouver, Canada – 01 April: Picky females play a critical role in the survival and diversity of species, according to a new Nature study by researchers from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). More

IIASA at the 6th World Water Forum Marseille 2012

IIASA’s Pavel Kabat and Nebojsa Nakicenovic gave keynote presentations and participated in discussions at the 6th World Water Forum 12-17 March, Marseille, France. More

Quantifying climate impacts: New model comparison project launched

Laxenburg, Austria – 07 February: The impacts of climate change are far reaching, affecting whole ecosystems and the invaluable services provided by them, such as clean water and air, abundant food and a rich biodiversity. More

New web tool to improve accuracy of global land cover maps

Laxenburg, Austria – 14 February: An interactive web tool has been developed to improve the accuracy and extent of global land use and forest cover information. The new ‘Geo-Wiki’ uses Google Earth and information provided by a global network of volunteers to fill in ‘data gaps’ and to verify existing land cover information. Developers this week have launched a Geo-Wiki competition to raise awareness of the tool and to encourage community involvement in environmental monitoring. More

Austrian Science and Research Minister Töchterle visits IIASA

Laxenburg, Austria – 08 February: The Austrian Federal Minister for Science and Research, Dr. Karlheinz Töchterle, will today visit the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), at Schloss Laxenburg. More

Carbon payments for forest conservation would dramatically reduce species extinctions

Laxenburg, Austria – 05 February: A study published today in Nature Climate Change shows that while the current rate of deforestation threatens to cause massive species extinctions worldwide, prompt implementation of an effective carbon payment system to avoid deforestation could reduce extinctions by more than three-quarters. More

Water and climate expert to lead global research institute

Laxenburg, Austria – 01 February: Water and climate expert Professor Pavel Kabat has been appointed Director of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria, effective today, February 1, 2012. More

Economies in Transition – learning from past success and failure

Laxenburg, Austria – 11 February: The success or failure of past economic transitions, primarily in Central and Eastern Europe, is the focus of a conference being hosted by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and the New Economic School, Moscow, in Laxenburg, Austria, 13-14 January. More

Study shows health, food security benefits from climate change actions

Laxenburg, Austria, Washington, USA – 13 January: A new study, published today in the journal Science, highlights 14 key air pollution control measures that if implemented could slow the pace of global warming, save millions of lives, and boost agricultural production. More

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