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2013 Press Releases

18 December 2013
ERC grant supports international project on fertilizer and environment

Researchers from Austria, Spain, Belgium, and France will explore the worsening environmental problems related to nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon under a new grant from the European Research Council.  More

17 December 2013
New studies map future climate impacts across sectors

A pioneering collaboration within the international scientific community provides comprehensive projections of climate change effects, ranging from risks to crop yields to the spread of malaria.  More

16 December 2013
Global study details the contribution of livestock to land use and greenhouse gas emissions

Minor improvements in feed quality in developing countries could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock products, according to a new study from researchers in Europe, Africa, and Australia.  More

12 December 2013
Reconceptualizing the study of population aging

Age is not just the number of years one has lived, argue IIASA population researchers. A new study from the group provides a set of tools for measuring age in all its dimensions.  More

11 December 2013
Carbon capture technology could be vital for climate targets

The future availability of carbon capture and storage (CCS) will be pivotal in reaching ambitious climate targets, according to a new comprehensive study of future energy technologies from IIASA, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Change, the Stanford Energy Modeling Forum, and researchers worldwide.  More

04 December 2013
Education—not fertility—key for economic development

A new study published in the journal Demography shows that improvements in education levels around the world have been key drivers of economic growth in developing countries that has previously been attributed to declines in fertility rates.  More

03 December 2013
Continuing with pledge pathways to 2030 could push climate goals out of reach

Current pledges for greenhouse gas emission reductions are inadequate and will further increase the challenge to reach internationally agreed climate targets, according to new research from a global consortium of 13 international research teams coordinated by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impacts Research (PIK).  More

02 December 2013
Tip Sheet for Journalists: Latest findings from IIASA population researchers

New findings from IIASA demography experts: The economic crisis led to increased smoking in the USA; and societies’ stereotypes of older people.  More

15 November 2013
Cropland Capture game brings citizen science to global food research

IIASA’s GeoWiki project today released a new game, Cropland Capture, which turns global land cover research into an addictive game for computer, tablet, and smartphone users.  More

07 November 2013
Crime associated with higher mortality rates

People with criminal records die younger than those without, shows a comprehensive national study for Norway conducted by researchers at IIASA and Statistics Norway.  More

05 November 2013
UNEP report emphasizes action on climate

Immediate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is key to limit the risk that global temperature rise will exceed 2° C, according to the 2013 Emissions Gap report from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), to which IIASA researchers contributed data and research.  More

04 November 2013
World Bank Report: Cutting pollution could slow Arctic warming

IIASA researchers contributed to a new joint report from the World Bank and the International Cryosphere Climate Initiative, which lays out measures for reducing pollution that could help slow warming in the Arctic, while also improving health worldwide.  More

03 October 2013
Wealth inequality can promote cooperation

Unequal access to resources can promote cooperation, shows a new study based on evolutionary game theory.  More

27 September 2013
IIASA research provides answers on climate change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change today released the first portion of its 5th Assessment Report. IIASA research focuses on what to do about this major global problem.  More

23 September 2013
Before the storm

September, 2013: When disaster hits, the way people respond is a matter of life and death—and that response depends strongly on how prepared people are. New IIASA research highlights the role of education in surviving hurricanes.  More

18 September 2013
Vietnam joins IIASA

Vietnam will join IIASA on 1 November 2013, bringing membership in the Institute to 21 National Member Organizations.  More

17 September 2013
Environmental complexity promotes biodiversity

A new study published in the journal American Naturalist helps explain how spatial variation in natural environments helps spur evolution and give rise to biodiversity.  More

16 September 2013
Tip Sheet: New findings on mercury, climate, and food

Check out the latest new research findings from IIASA on mercury pollution, climate and food production in China, and greenhouse gas emissions.  More

16 September 2013
Earth League scientists issue stark statement on climate

Researchers say that we are on track to see climate warming of 4 degrees over pre-industrial times, if action is not taken soon.  More

10 September 2013
Gas flaring and household stoves speed Arctic thaw

Gas flaring by the oil industry and smoke from residential burning contributes more black carbon pollution to Arctic than previously thought—potentially speeding the melting of Arctic sea ice and contributing to the fast rate of warming in the region.  More

02 September 2013
Media Appointments: Austria’s population challenges

IIASA population program leader and Wittgenstein Center director Wolfgang Lutz speaks to reporters and the general public at several events this month. Lutz is also available for one-on-one interviews. For details please contact the IIASA press office.  More

31 August 2013
New Global Think Tank launched

The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and the European Forum Alpbach have today launched a new Global Think Tank to address the issues caused by the ongoing global transformation and aid in the creation of sustainable development paths.  More

21 August 2013
How personality affects fertility

A new study from IIASA population researchers finds a link between men’s and women’s personalities and the likelihood that they will have children.  More

14 August 2013
Do weather extremes accelerate climate change?

A new overview study published in Nature investigates the impacts of meteorological extreme events on the carbon cycles of land ecosystems: a self-reinforcing effect in the wake of climate change cannot be ruled out.  More

05 August 2013
Cars and planes dominate the climate impact from travel

The wealthiest top 10% of the German population is responsible for almost 20% of the total climate impact of travel, finds a new study by researchers from CICERO and IIASA . Yet two-thirds of climate impact comes from the broad middle classes.  More

31 July 2013
Citizen scientists rival experts in analyzing land-cover data

Data gathered and analyzed by non-experts can rival the quality of data from experts, shows a new IIASA study of crowdsourced data from its Geo-Wiki project.  More

23 July 2013
New Flood Resilience project in cooperation with Zurich and Wharton

The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and Zurich Insurance Group have established a collaboration alliance to launch a new project on Community flood resilience.  More

16 July 2013
New study addresses trade-offs between food security and climate change mitigation

Improving agricultural productivity could help cut greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, shows new IIASA research. But sustainable farming methods are key.  More

09 July 2013
Tip sheet: New findings from IIASA researchers

Check out the latest new findings from IIASA researchers. To receive alerts to your inbox please register for the IIASA Press List.  More

02 July 2013
PNAS: Identifying climate impact hotspots

One out of ten people on Earth is likely to live in a climate impact hotspot by the end of this century, if greenhouse gas emissions continue unabated, according to a new study by researchers from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impacts Research (PIK), IIASA, and others.  More

17 June 2013
Study identifies travel choices for a smaller carbon footprint

Planes, trains, or automobiles: what’s the most climate-friendly way to travel? A new study by researchers from IIASA and CICERO brings better estimates of how much personal travel impacts the climate.  More

10 June 2013
PNAS: To cut CO2, account for outsourcing

In order to reach targets for CO2 emissions, China should count CO2 emissions where products are consumed, not simply where they are produced, say IIASA researchers.  More

28 May 2013
Energy must be fully integrated into the post-2015 development agenda, say Vienna Energy Forum participants

A global transition towards sustainable energy systems is imperative, and the window of opportunity is now, said participants at the Vienna Energy Forum that opened in the Austrian capital today.  More

16 May 2013
Media Information: Vienna Energy Forum 2013

Media are invited to attend the 2013 Vienna Energy Forum, from 28-30 May at the Hofburg. Join IIASA and international energy experts for a dialogue on current energy issues, one year after Rio+20.  More

03 May 2013
Researchers estimate a cost for universal access to energy

Universal access to modern energy could be achieved with an investment of between 65 and 86 billion dollars a year up until 2030, according to new IIASA research.  More

01 May 2013
Pavel Kabat receives high accolade from Her Majesty, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

IIASA Director and CEO Professor Dr. Pavel Kabat has been awarded one of the highest distinctions of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for his longstanding contribution to science and the science policy interface, both in the Netherlands and internationally.  More

29 April 2013
Plants moderate climate warming

As temperatures warm, plants release gases that help form clouds and cool the atmosphere, according to research from IIASA and the University of Helsinki.  More

04 April 2013
UN Human Development Report relies on IIASA projections

IIASA population and education projections underlie the United Nations Human Development Report 2013, which shows development gains in the Southern Hemisphere during the last several years.  More

25 March 2013
Media Information: IIASA at EGU

IIASA researchers are available to speak to journalists at the European Geophysical Union General Assembly in Vienna from 7 to 11 April, 2013.  More

20 March 2013
Media Briefing: Experts to discuss population dynamics and sustainability

A media briefing took place on 25 March at 13:00 in Vienna, on aging populations, low fertility levels, and inequalities in life expectancy and health.  More

25 February 2013
UN sustainable energy initiative could help limit climate change

The UN’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative, if successful, could make a significant contribution to the efforts to limit climate change to target levels, according to a new analysis from IIASA and ETH Zurich.  More

16 January 2013
Updated estimate shows less land for biofuel

Less land may be available for growing biofuels than previously thought, according to a new study of land availability published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology. Citizen scientists were major contributors to the report.  More

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